Monday, May 25, 2009

aaaaaaahhhh. US 3. Addi Turbo.

So fast. I love big sock yarn and big sock needles:Specs:
ATH (all things heather) colorway: Bucky
needles: US 3
pattern: plain old socks - no pattern

I knit that baby up while on our family vacation up north. I brought a friend with me - Mr. Loopy

Here he is at the mouth of the
Kawishwi River which is one of the entrances to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. (The Loopy Ewe has a photo contest of places you take your Loopy).

Leo meets Loopy.

And a little extra special bonus for us - we've been selectively removing some flora in order to make room for more wild blueberries to thrive near our cabin. This year we will have quite a bumper crop of tiny little wild blueberries! These are the early blossoms. We'll be back in July to pick a few handfuls.

I am so jealous of all you who will be attending Sock Summit this year. Be sure to take loads of pictures!!


Lorraine said...

Big yarn is always an instant gratification kinda thing.

I'm jealous of the cabin retreats you take every year. What fun!

Guinifer said...

Does Leo jump in the water when you're fishing? Ozzie is a BAD fishing boat buddy.

(Also? He hasn't eaten Loopy yet?)

Senja said...

Looks like fun can't wait for summer to get going so I can get up north too!

Socks are super cute! Love big sock yarn too:)

Neuroknitter said...

I yearn for the days when I knit socks on size 3 and 4 dpn...I could finish a pair in a weekend!!

Lovely socks!! How fun to have wild blueberries...are they as sweet as commercial berries...perhaps sweeter!!

Happy vacation!!

tiennie said...

Hope you had a fun vacation! Great socks in progress!

Nora said...

Leo is a beauty!!

I need big sock yarn and needles right now as the big chill is definitely upon is down here!

Harpa J said...

Have a great vacation!
The socks are very cute (and the dog too)