Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I'm being swallowed by an afghan . . .

Does anyone remember the song, "I'm Being Swallowed by a Boa Constrictor"?   The song is about a snake that starts eating your toes, then knees, middle and so on.

Here at Chateau DeBris, we have our very own boa constrictor in the form of an insanely large and colorful afghan.

I'm being swallowed by a ripple blanket.

Oh no (oh no) he's up to my toe (he's up to my toe)
Oh gee (oh gee) he's up to my knee (he's up to my knee)

And that's as far as I've come with the blanket affectionaly known as Monstro - the ripple blanket from planet Acid-Trip.  I've gone through my first order of yarn and have just placed my second order.  I'm using Brava by Knit Picks because it's so darn cheap and it comes in a big bunch of colors.  And although it's 100% acrylic (shudder), it doesn't squeak - you know what I mean, right?

Are you seeing any color this cold dark January?


Tonyia said...

That is GORGEOUS! (and I want your bedroom - look at all the light!). Did you make the snowflake, too?

litlaskvis said...

LOVE the afghan! Can't wait to see more.

I started a new blanket last night, now for my older daughter. Pictures coming soon!

livnletlrn said...

That monster is all sorts of awesome and it's going to be with you FOREVER. Those things never die! Ripple on!